Online Slots Tournaments

Whether you are playing online or in a casino in Las Vegas, Slots Tournaments are exciting, fast-paced, and are downright fun to play. Most people enjoy slots tournaments because they have a set entry fee, are very easy to enter and play, require no skill and are strictly based on luck of the spin. Some of the other reasons why we enjoy slots tournaments are the simplicity of the format and the bragging rights you get from winning a slots tournament. This article discusses common slots tournament formats, and the reasons people love playing slots tournaments.

Play Online Slots Tournaments

There are slots tournaments held online every day. These tournaments are held at online casinos such as Slots Oasis and Cherry Red Casino.

Slots Tournaments Format / Structure

In both online and casino slots tournaments, the most common format is that the players are given a set number of coins (usually 1,000) and a fixed amount of time. Once all players are in position, the slots tournament starts and the players start spinning the reels of their slot machines. When time expires, any coins that were not played will typically be lost, leaving only the actual winnings of the slot pulls remaining.

Slots Tournament Entry Fees

Entry fees for slots tournaments vary greatly by casino and type of tournament being held. Some slots tournaments are "freeroll" slots tournaments and are free to enter. Some Las Vegas casinos use these free slots tournaments as a draw to attract visitors and players to their casino. Online casinos also use this strategy when getting new players to sign up at their online casino and to keep existing players coming back frequently.

Slots Tournament Strategy?

Let's be perfectly honest here, slots tournaments are all about luck....well, mostly. Believe it or not there is a certain strategy required when playing in a slots tournament. Granted, I wouldn't exactly say that skill is required, more like speed, concentration, and patience. Speed is the most important component of your slots tournament strategy. You have to be fast. You have to use all of your coins, otherwise you will lose them when time expires. Too many times players do not use all of their coins and cost themselves valuable spins that could have potentially been big winners. My tip to improve your slots tournament speed is to keep your finger on the bet and spin buttons. This will save you seconds on every spin and ensure you use all of your starting coins.

Focus and Be Patient

You have to focus and have some degree of patience as part of your slots tournament strategy, as well. Concentration and patience lead back to your overall speed. Some spins will net you big wins and you have to have the patience and concentration to sit there while the wins ticker is counting up your coins. After 10 minutes of non-stop slots, most players start to lose focus and waste valuable time between spins. It is important that you maintain your concentration, escpecially if playing in an online slots tournament, and use all of your starting coins to maximize your win count.

The simple Slots Tournament strategy is to maintain focus and concentration, make sure you use up all of your coins, and have fun!