How to Play Nickel Slots

Nickel Slots OnlineThis guide to Nickel Slots focuses mainly on online nickel slots, but the same applies to land-based nickel slots. It is important to note that there are subtle differences between online nickel slots and land-based nickel slots but the basic game play is usually the same.

How to Play Nickel Slots, Step-by-Step Guide

1. The first step on How to Play Nickel Slots is to decide exactly how much you are willing to bet per spin. Remember, "nickel slots" may sound like your mother's type of slots game but with multiple paylines of 3, 9, 25 or more, nickel bets will quickly turn into dollar bets on most of your nickel slots machines.

2. Find the best casino that suits your needs and offers nickel slots games. Remember, not all online casinos will accept players from your country so it is imperative that you find a casino accepting players from your country. We have reviewed quite a few of the online casinos offering nickel slots and included which countries are accepted. We recommend SlotsOasis as our top casinos for online nickel slots.

3. Step three in Playing Nickel Slots is to choose the type of nickels slots game that you like to play. There are video nickel slots, these are the nickel slots machines that look like a video screen instead of the classis reel nickel slots, which look like your classic reel based slots. You see both of these types of nickel slots games online and well as in casinos in Las Vegas. A good place to start is by browsing through our nickel slots guide and finding games with themes that appeal to you.