How to Play 3 Reel Slots

The 3 reel slot machines are often looked upon as the most basic of slot games, due to the majority of them offering a limited number of paylines which you can set into play, along with them usually offering no form of bonus game. These types of slot machines are very simple to play and below is our step by step guide on how to play three reel slots.

It is worth pointing out that 3 reel slots do have a very large following, as some players like the way in which they play and pay as they can often play a huge amount of spins per session they play and as such the game play is not slowed down due to triggering any form of bonus type round, plus with large jackpots often on offer and high payout percentages plenty of fun and excitement can be had by playing them.

Paylines - With just three reels on these kinds of gaming machines then you are going to often be limited in regards to the number of paylines you can opt to play. In fact many 3 reel slots are commonly known as Classic slots and as such will offer you just one single pay line.

However some 3 reel slots will let you select from one to three or even one to five paylines to set in motion and for each line you decide to play then you will be required to place an additional wager on each particular pay line.

Stake Levels - You will find, more so when playing online 3 reel slots as opposed to land based 3 reel slots, that you can choose a coin value at which to play the slot. There will be a coin value indicator somewhere on the slots control panel and by clicking on either the plus or minus button next to this indicator you can then select the coin values at which you wish to play for.

Once you have chosen a coin value at which you are comfortable to play the slot game for then you need to choose how many lines you wish to play, obviously on the Classic slots you cannot choose more than one line, however on the 3 reel slots offering more than one line it is worth taking a quick look at the paytable to see if there are any enhanced payouts in play on the extra lines offered.

In regards to Classic slots in particular you may be able to play more than one coin on its one single pay line, and these often do indeed offer an enhanced payout for hitting the jackpot when playing on the maximum number of coins per spin permitted.

However on 3 reel slots offering more than one line, then each additional line you play will more than often offer an increased jackpot payout when you line up the jackpot symbols on any of the other optional lines you can choose to play.

Be aware that some 3 reel slots may offer you a progressive jackpot, and often the only way you can win and be awarded this jackpot is by either playing the maximum number of coins per line or the maximum number of lines per spin. Checkout the slot games paytable for instructions in regards to how the progressive jackpot is awarded on the slot if it has one attached to it.

Setting the slot in motion - After having chosen how many lines to play and having set the coin values then you are all ready to set the 3 reel slot in motion, and this is a simple procedure with you simply having to give the Spin or Start button a click.

You may find several player adjustable options offered on the 3 reel slots and as such you can often speed up or slow down the rate at which the reels will spin and come to a stop.

Many 3 reel slots will have what is known as an Auto Play setting, and this is relatively straight forward to understand and utilize, as you can choose to get the slot to play automatically for you by choosing the stake levels and number of spins you wish it to play, and once ready set the Auto Play into motion and your spins will then play out for you.

Bonus Games - A higher proportion of 3 reel slot games have no form of bonus game attached to them, however you can occasionally find a few of them which will offer you a bonus game, but in general these bonus games are very basic in nature.

One of the most commonly found bonus games which can be triggered on a 3 reel slot is a wheel spinning type bonus game, and this is often triggered only when you are playing maximum bet spins and then spin in a special reel symbol on the pay line.

When triggered you then get to spin a bonus type wheel which is divided up into many different segments, each one containing a number of coins. Once you have set this bonus wheel into motion it will then gradually come to a stop and whichever segment is facing the Win Pointer when it stops the amount indicated will be your winnings.

Displays - You will often see a set of different displays panels on a 3 reel slot, the main one will be your current casino balance, and this naturally increases and decreases as you are winning and losing. In regards to when you are playing a 3 reel slot which boasts a progressive jackpot, then the current value of that jackpot will be displayed on the screen via a jackpot meter, which will continue to grow until someone hits the winning combination.

Other display panels you will also find on the majority of 3 reel slots are the number of lines you have selected, the coin values at which you are playing for along with a display showing you your previous won amount, if indeed your previous spin was a winning one!