How to Play Fruit Machines

Of all of the many different types of gaming machines you can play online, it is often the fruit machines which players tend to need some guidance in regards to how they work, play and operate. So with this in mind we have compiled a simple to understand guide on how to play fruit machines below, which should have you playing them and understanding how they work in no time!

The main thing to be aware of when you are playing fruit machines is that unlike standard casino slots, these gaming machines offer a huge number of additional bonus type features and bonus games. This means when you opt to play any kind of fruit machine you are guaranteed action packed playing sessions, which will certainly keep you on your toes and your brain active!

Paylines - Fruit Machine are often designed with just one single pay line in play, this is more commonly referred too as the win line, however you can occasionally find fruit machines which boast more than one pay line.

However as the vast majority of fruit machines are built around a 3 reel type structure when one of them offers you the ability to play more than one win line, then you will rarely, if at all, find one which offers more than three or five lines in total.

The trick to getting the best winning opportunities out of a fruit machine is to always ensure that you play every single win line offered, as these types of gaming machines have been designed to give you lots of bonus features, then the more lines you put into play, when available, the more winning chances you will have.

Stake Levels - Much like every other type of slot related gaming machine, when you are playing a fruit machine you will be often given several different stake levels at which you can play the game for.

These are usually however quite modest in value, and as such even when playing them with a small budget you should be able to find a stake level at which you can comfortably afford to play it for.

Be aware than you can rarely play more than one coin per line which you have opted to play, so to increase the value of each spin you are playing then simply increase the value of the coin values, this is easy to do by clicking on the Plus button at the side of the coin value display, to increase them upwards in value.

Setting the slot in motion - Once you have chosen the number of paylines you wish to play and the coin values then simply click on the Start or Spin button to set the fruit machine in motion. Due to to way in which fruit machines have been designed, namely being bonus feature packed games, you cannot usually play them via an Auto Play setting, as they are very interactive games to play which require a lot of player input.

Bonus Games - One thing that you cannot help but notice when you are playing fruit machines is that the number of bonus games and bonus features you are going to be able to trigger is simply huge.

There are however some fairly standard types of bonus games which most fruit machines will award you with, and we shall now take a look at some of these. The Hold feature is available on almost every single fruit machine, and when this is awarded to you then you are faced with the choice of holding any of the fruit machines reels and this will result in them becoming locked into position for the very next spin you make.

Another very regularly awarded bonus game on fruit machines is the Nudge feature, this when awarded, will let you move any of the reels downwards, and occasionally on some fruit machines upwards, one reel stop at a time. The aim of the Nudge feature is to let you try and form a winning combination when the base game spin has resulted in a losing spin.

Many fruit machines will offer a main bonus game and this will often be played out on a different screen, the way in which you get to trigger this bonus round will vary from fruit machine to fruit machine.

Some of the more commonly found ways to trigger a fruit machines main bonus game are via a number trail, you are tasked with completing this trail by illuminating all of the numbers displayed on it, and this is done by collecting up numbers which are found attached to certain reel symbols as they spin in on the win line or win lines.

Another commonly found way of triggering a fruit machines main bonus game is via a feature grid, this is a 3 row, 3 column type grid with nine symbols printed on it, and you are aiming to get a row of three of these symbols spinning in on the base games win line(s) to light a row of three up, to then get to trigger the bonus game.

The main bonus games offered on fruit machines are very diverse, and as such you could find yourself playing a bonus board type round, a cash ladder game or even being awarded a set of guaranteed winning spins.

One handy tip for anyone new to playing fruit machines, is to give them some playtime in the free play mode before playing for real money, as by doing this you can experience all of the different bonus features and bonus games and get a much better understanding of how they work and operate.

Displays - Fruit Machines often have an alphanumeric type of display on them, and this is where you will find your current game balance, plus it is where all of the information regarding the slot will be flashed up as you play it. So keep your eyes peeled for this alphanumeric display as often little hints and playing tips will be shown on it to help increase your winning chances!