How to Play Mobile Slots

With the advent of mobile casinos, all of which allow you to play a diverse number of slot games directly from your mobile phone or mobile device, you may need a helping hand in regards to how to play mobile slots, however once you have mastered playing these slots then plenty of fun can be had by giving them a whirl.

The one thing you do need to be aware of is that mobile slots are often available in two different variants, those being slots which can be operated by the new touchscreen mobile phones and mobile devices along with those which can be played with an older style handset whereby you control the slots via the phones keypad.

Paylines - When mobile slots first started to appear many of the online casino software companies and game designers were very quick off the mark, and converted many of their most popular slot games into mobile slots, and as such you are going to find plenty of differently structured slot games on offer, and several you may have played online before.

When playing a mobile slot, just like any other form of slot game you will first have to set the game to play in a fashion you are comfortable with, and in regards to the number of paylines you set into motion this is completely up to yourself.

On the touchscreen controlled slots, many mobile slot designers allow you to spin a dial type control to select the number of paylines you wish to play, and as such selecting your number of paylines is simple, however on a keypad controlled mobile slot this is just as simple with you simply keying in your required number of paylines.

Stake Levels - The most important controls you will be adjusting is of course those which let you choose the stake levels at which you are playing the mobile slot game for, and just like any other type of slot machine you will be able to choose a coin value to play at from those on offer, along with the number of coins per line you wish to play.

Due to the large number of different mobile slot games offered you will find both slots which allow you to play either variable coin levels or occasionally some mobile slots offer fixed coin values. Where a mobile slot game offers an optional number of coins per line playable then you must select one that your bankroll can comfortably afford to play and sustain.

Should you come across a progressive mobile slot, then make sure you familiarize yourself with the stake levels at which you must play it for to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, as often these can only be won by playing maximum lines/coins or stakes.

Setting the slot in motion - Once you have chosen the number of lines, and the respective stake levels at which you wish to play the mobile slot game for, then all that remains for you to do is to click on the Start or Spin button.

However you will also find on the majority of mobile slot games a handy Auto Play setting, and this will give you the option of allowing the slot to play itself, at your chosen stake levels. You will often be able to choose from a pre-determined number of spins or you can of course choose your own number of spins.

However one word of advice when using the Auto Play feature, and this is to make sure you have chosen the coin stake levels at which you want to play the slot game for, as often the slot is set to the maximum coin value settings, and you don't want to set it in motion playing at stake levels way higher than what you intended to play the slot for!

Bonus Games - Just like slot machines you will find in a land based casino or at an online casino, these mobile slot games will offer a variety of different playing structures. Some boast no bonus games whilst some will offer you several different types.

So if you are looking for a more exciting type of playing structure then opt to give the bonus video mobile slot games a try, as these can awarded you with bonus features such as free spins rounds and picking games, which always add an extra level of excitement to your slots play.

Plus if you have played at online casinos before then look out for mobile slots which are offered in such sites, as you may find several of your all time favourite bonus slots readily available, and these mobile slots play, pay and operate exactly as their online counterparts do!

Also when you are playing mobile progressive slot games be aware that the jackpot pools in play are often networked not only to every other mobile slot game but often with the online slots of the same type, and this means that you could win a huge progressive jackpot when playing either the slot on your mobile phone or via an online casino which is played via your computer.

Often these progressive jackpots can be won via a bonus game, for example the Mega Moolah slot which is available to play at both online casinos and mobile casinos, this offers a special wheel spinning type bonus game that is randomly triggered and once awarded one of four live progressive jackpots can be won.

Displays - The displays you will find in play on a mobile slot machine have been kept to a minimum, but at all times you will be able to see your credit meter, which shows you how much you have in your mobile casino account, and also a stake level display showing you how much you have set the mobile slot game to play out at will be visible on the screen.

You will also find somewhere in play on the mobile slot a prize display box which will show you exactly how much you have won when you have had a winning combination spinning in, and when a mobile slot offers a progressive jackpot then the current jackpot on offer will be displayed via a jackpot meter.