How to Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slot games have a huge slot player fan base, and the main attraction of these types of slot games is of course the ever rising jackpot which could be won at any moment. These kinds of slots are often networked together and as such the jackpots keep on growing as players from many different locations give them some playtime.

Due to the many different varieties of progressive slots on offer we thought it would be a great idea to compile a simple to follow guide on how to play progressive slots, which will enable you to understand how the many different types of progressive slots work and operate, so without further a do let us show you how to play them!

Paylines - One very important part of all progressive slot games is the number of paylines on offer, as part of the make up of the prize payout structure is often based around the number of paylines you put into play.

One many progressive slots you are required to play, amongst other things, the maximum number of lines the slot offers to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter. So take a look at the paytable displayed on the slot to double check if this is a requirement of being in with a chance of winning the jackpot payout.

The number of paylines will of course vary from progressive slot to progressive slot, with some of the three reel slots offering, one, three or maybe five optional paylines, whilst the progressive video slots can offer any number of optional paylines.

Stake Levels - In regards to the stake levels at which you play progressive slots, once again it is important that you double check what these are, as sometimes you can be given a choice of choosing what the coin value settings are along with how many coin per line you play, but often the only way you can win the progressive jackpot is by playing at maximum stake levels.

The only really reason a slot player will sit down and play a progressive slot is of course to have a chance of actually winning the jackpot. With this in mind then you should always ensure you know what stake levels you are required to play the slot for before setting the reels in motion, as you do not want to accidently play for the wrong stake level then see the jackpot paying symbols spin in but you not be awarded the jackpot!

Some progressive slots will have a fixed coin value and sometimes a fixed number of lines, and as such when you are playing these kinds of slots you are only ever allowed to play at one stake level. These are often the 3 reel progressive slots, but sometimes video slots offering a progressive jackpot have fixed lines and coin values.

Setting the slot in motion - Once you are happy with your chosen stake levels then to get straight down to business all you need to do is to give the Spin or Start button a click, and the reels will spin.

You could also find an Auto Play setting on progressive slots, and when you find a slot offering such a facility then you will be able to preset the slot to play itself for any number of spins you wish to play, and the slot will then play them all out for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Bonus Games - One type of bonus game which is very popular with progressive slot players is one whereby you can win the progressive jackpot only via a bonus game or bonus feature.

Whilst many slots offering such a jackpot will only let you win the top prize payout via spinning in a set of jackpot symbols on a particular pay line, some progressive slot game designers have made their slots somewhat more exciting by removing the progressive payout from the paylines and only allowing it to be won via a bonus game.

So if you are looking for a more exciting way of playing progressive slots then look out for those which offer one or more progressive jackpots which can be triggered and awarded via a bonus game. When playing online, slots such as Microgamings Mega Moolah series of slots have such a bonus game, whereby you spin a wheel to be awarded one of four different sized progressive jackpots when this bonus game is triggered.

Also there are a growing number of slot games which offer what are known as random jackpots, these types of slots are extremely popular with players as the jackpots are triggered and awarded completely at random, and instead of having to play maximum coins, lines or stakes as long as you are playing in real money mode, often irrespective of the stake levels, you could instantly be awarded one of these progressive jackpots.

Displays - One of the most important displays you are going to find on a progressive slot game is of course the jackpot meter, this will show you the current value of the progressive jackpot which due to its very nature will keep on growing until won.

Once a progressive jackpot has been won, then this progressive meter will reset to its base level and will start to grow again in value. Often a message will be displayed on the screen alerting all players that a player has just won the jackpot.

Some progressive slots will offer you the chance of winning more than one progressive jackpot as you are playing it, in such cases you will find several different progressive meters displayed on the slot, these jackpots tend to be different sized ones, with the lower valued ones being won very regularly.

When you decide to play any progressive jackpot awarding slot machine whether playing them online or in a land based casino, then make sure you understand how that jackpot can be won, and if the requirement is to play maximum coins, stakes or lines then make sure that is exactly how you play it!