How to Play Video Slots

Video slot games are quite easy to spot in any casino as they are the slot machines which have a video screen instead of a set of mechanical reels in the belly area of the slot. Having this video screen means that you will be able to play plenty of paylines, trigger various bonus games and benefit from advanced graphics and sound effects.

However if you are new to playing video slots then allow us to guide you through how they work and operate and show you how to play video slots. Once you have mastered the basic playing structure you should be good to go and will hopefully have plenty of entertainment value out of playing these technically advanced gaming machines.

Paylines - The one difference between the video slots and the older styled 3 reel slots is of course the number of paylines you can put into play on each spin of the reels you make. Many slots will let you select any number of paylines to play, and these are known as optional paylines.

When faced with such a video slot you simply need to select the number of lines you wish to play by clicking on the plus or minus buttons located at the side of the pay line indicator display.

However some video slots will have a fixed, static number of paylines which you are forced to play on each game you set in motion. These are generally the Always slots, and these particular video slot machines allow you to play every single pay line which you can see on the screen.

There are three different types of Always slots online, some let you play 243 lines per game, other have 1024 lines and some have a huge 3125 lines. However with these types of video slots you pay just one set amount to play all those lines as opposed to paying one or more coins per line on the standard video slots.

Stake Levels - When playing a video slot you will often be able to choose a coin value to play it at along with being able to choose how many coins per line you wish to play. The coin value settings can be quite diverse and usually start at just 0.01, so for example playing a 20 pay line video slot on coin values of 0.01 will cost you 0.20 per spin. If you play five coins per line then this will work out at 1.00 per spin.

On Always slots there is a set fee to play all of the visible paylines, this could for example be 0.30 or 0.50 to play all 243 lines, however you can then increase the coins in increments of either 0.30 or 0.50 respectively, up to the maximum permitted amount.

On some progressive slot games you may be faced with a fixed coin/line structure and as such, if for example the progressive slot is a 9 line slot with coin values fixed at 0.05 then you are forced with playing at stake values of 2.25 per spin.

It is worth pointing out that when playing progressive video slot games in particular, you may be required to place a maximum bet spin to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot payout.

Some video slot games have a Max Bet button and by giving this a click then the slot will instantly play one spin at the maximum number of coins per line and the maximum number of paylines at your chosen coin value.

Some video slots award their progressive jackpots completely at random, and as such as long as you are playing for real money, often irrespective of the stake levels, then you could win and be awarded these jackpot payouts instantly without even having to line up and matching symbols on a pay line.

Setting the slot in motion - Once you are happy with the number of lines you are playing and the coin values and any number of coins per line then you can set the video slot in motion. There are two ways in which you can play a video slot game, the first is by simply giving the Start or Spin button a click.

However many of the video slots you will find available online have an Auto Play facility, this will allow you to preset a number of spins and the stake levels at which they will all play out at, and once you are ready then you can set the Auto Play facility to play and your chosen number of spins will commence to play out automatically.

Bonus Games - The main attraction of playing a video slot game is that as you are playing them you could trigger a bonus game, these will come in many different formats, however they are usual triggered by spinning in either a set of scatter type symbols anywhere in view or lining up a set of bonus symbols.

The sheer number of bonus games available is way too large to list here, however the most commonly found ones are the free spins bonus game, here, once triggered, a set of completely free of charge spins are awarded to you and as they all play out any winning combinations which are formed are given a boost via a special multiplier which is in play.

Another popular type of bonus game is a picking style round, here you get to pick items or locations off the bonus screen and a cash award or staked amount multiplier is awarded for each one you click on and reveal.

Displays - You will have, somewhere in view on the video slot screen, usually at the bottom left hand side of the screen, a small Credit Meter, this will show you your current casino account balance. This will obviously increase in value when you have had a winning spin and decrease in value as you are playing and losing.

Should you be playing a progressive video slot game then also displayed will be the current progressive jackpot total. This is known as the jackpot ticker and the value of this jackpot is fed by a small percent of each players stakes being added to this jackpot.